Remember the days when you were a child, and you were building things with plastic blocks?

That’s me in action:

You used different blocks with different shapes and colors to make various creations like buildings, vehicles, and animals. The same set of plastic blocks let you build different things. The only thing that was stopping you was your imagination.

Building things with plastic blocks is not far from building teams and companies. Think of the ways of working of each team and company as a set of plastic blocks. Each plastic block represents a specific technique, framework, and principles used.

Product Blocks

Over 20 years of being in the tech industry, I had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people all around the world - as a teammate, as a manager, as a leader, and as a coach. 

I’ve learned there is a massive difference between how best product companies work and how most companies work.

As customers and employees, we deserve more great products and great product companies. That’s a win-win. And I want to help with that.

About Product Blocks

My name is Piotr Kacała. I'm a CTO at Displate.com, a product coach, and a product leader. I spent over 20 years building products and teams.

Product Blocks is a newsletter on building blocks for creating great products and successful tech companies step-by-step.

I’ll explain how to apply product, design, engineeringmanagement, and leadership best practices step-by-step.

Blocks Catalog

An integral part of the newsletter is an interactive best practice map called Blocks Catalog. You can already discover more than 100 best practices used by successful product tech companies.

A few examples:

Explore full Blocks Catalog

Who are you, and how can Product Blocks help you

Product Blocks is aimed at product leaders from tech companies:

  • Founders, CEOs

  • Management & leadership members, especially:

    • CPO (VP of Product / Head of Product)

    • and CTO (VP of Technology, Head of Technology)

  • Engineering Managers, Group Product Managers

  • Individual contributors (Product Managers, Engineers, Product Designers)

Product Blocks will help you build an organization that is:

  • Delivering consistent customer value

  • Aligned

  • Innovative

  • Mission-driven

  • Focused

  • Attracting talent

  • Self-organizing

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20 years of building products and teams. CTO at Displate, board member, coach. Ex-GOG.com, ex-CD Projekt. Father of one human and two cats.