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What 90% of engineering leads get wrong

🥃#6 - Digital Product Cards preview, Framework for making big career decisions, Aging Code, Senior → Staff Engineer and more

Product Cards Update - New cards, new design, release plan

🥃#5 - Event Storming, CTO’s framework to manage your priorities and energy, How to start Continuous Discovery and more!

🥃#4 - Organizing Product Teams, Passing Any First-Round Job Interview, On Becoming a VP of Engineering, Netflix’s “Dream Team” Model, and more

S.P.A.C.E. Framework - The Ultimate Framework For Measuring Your Tech Team Productivity

Announcing Product Cards - A Game Changer for Tech Teams

The End of Managers? What Big Tech Flattening Means You and the Industry

Ship It Today: #kudos appreciation channel

55 books that helped me reach C-Suite and Management Board

Manager 101: How to 10x the Performance of Your Best Employees Using Expectation Agreement Technique

Netflix's Strategic Pyramid case study ↔️ Mission → Vision → North Star → Strategy → Goals → Roadmap

5 Stages of Product Culture Maturity. What stage are you at? Quiz yourself!

WoB#3 - Vision, product discovery, tech debt handling, ethics in design, managing your calendar

Behind Every Great Product… There is a Product Trio.

WoB#2 - Team health checks, delivery metrics, PRDs, North Star metrics, Moonshots

What does success look like for product teams? Assess your teams for 17 traits that the best product teams have in common.

Building products, building companies, building with Lego

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👉 Discover 100+ practices used by successful tech product companies

WoB#1: Rebranding, 5 steps to prioritize your roadmap, newsletter launch date, and more